Form Problem Help....


I am trying to make a simple form that pulls a list from a tbl and link it back to a qry. But I keep running into problems.

Right now I have the following in my qry code
the message i get is Microsoft Jeg database does not recogniz 'Forms!frmSupLookUp!txtBegDte' as a valid field name or expression. If i remove this parm it gives it to me for the next and so on... Is there something wrong with the forms info i am putting in the qry or is this a bug?

I am also getting this error

Run time error 3270
property not found... when i click the debug it gives me this... I am not seeing the problem... it does not like DoCmd.OpenQuery "QryDiscReasonRepDte", acViewNormal, acEdit ... thoughts ? I have double checked the qry name and even copied and pasted it into the code... and let the vb code enter all the rest... so i am lost...

Private Sub cmdRun_Click()
DoCmd.OpenQuery "QryDiscReasonRepDte", acViewNormal, acEdit
DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmSupLookUp"
End Sub

Any light you can shead would be great


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