Windows Media Player in Delphi 7

I was wondering if anyone could help. I am writing an application that will display a video file when you click a button. To do this I am using the Windows Media Player ActiveX component. I have added it in through Component | Import ActiveX Control | Windows Media Player (v1.0). Below is a section of my code.


wmpMediaPlayer: TWindowsMediaPlayer

wmpMediaPlayer := TWindowsMediaPlayer.Create(Self);
wmpMediaPlayer.Parent := Self;
wmpMediaPlayer.Visible := True;
wmpMediaPlayer.Settings.AutoStart := False;
wmpMediaPlayer.URL := 'anymoviefile.mpg';;

How ever when I call the fullscreen function

wmpMediaPlayer.FullScreen := True

and try and set it to True I get the error "Catastrophic Failure" and can not get the video to show full screen. I have tried setting the width and height of the component to screen width/height but as soon as the video is played it resizes Media Player to the size of the clip its playing.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a "feature" of the ActiveX component and Delphi7.



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