Handling an Exception

When a [b]throw[/b] has been performed from a class, and this is [b]catch[/b]ed somewhere else, how can I 'correct the exception'? That is, how do I tell that the exception has been handled and I don't need an error message?

Below I have a class that throws an exception, as well as code catching this exception. How do I undo the exception message?


class Test
Test() {}
void doThrow()
if (random(5)==0)
throw Exception("Random(5)==0");

void __fastcall TForm1::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
Test test;
catch(Exception& exception)
if (exception.Message == "Random(5)==0")
//Aha, a harmless error!
//Try to fix the error message, e.g.
//exception.Free(); (doesn't work)

Thanks in advance,
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