Restoring BootLoader

Hello guys,
I've installed Windows 98 on C, XP on D, and Linux. I had to format the partitions and reinstall windows, the bootloader is lost, do I have to reinstall Linux (Fedora Core3)? or how do I restore the bootloader? a Newbie here.



  • Dede,
    I have heard that by default,
    with Win 95/98/2000 and Linux, the MSDos BootLoader is replaced by LILO or GRUB, that you are using in your LINUX.
    But thats not the case in WinXP/NT where the WinXP loader gets into the Master Boot Record space in your disk driver.
    So if you have all the three installed into you system, this could be the problem.
    I dont think you have to re-install Linux. You please refere to some documents on How To from net...
    Btw you can, I think change the GRUB or LILO to reside in MBR space and make it to run on boot.
    You can try that.
    Or you can create some GRUB boot and root floppy and make your linux to work and change WinXP in boot from Menu of GRUB.
    I am sorry I am also new to this field.
    I dont think I can give many details of it. I do not know them in detail.
    I have not tried them.
    Just use Linux Documentation Project... Search as such from Google...
    All the best.

  • Thanks man, I appreciate your help and yes I will search for it.

  • Dear New bie
    In order to restore your linux bootloader , first insert the first disk of your linux and boot computer from first cd and then type linux rescue and press enter.
    Then you type the command chroot /mnt/sysimage
    then you type df -h and see the device configuration like hda or hdb or hdc and so on
    then type grub-install /dev/hdx where x means yur harddisk.
    take care
    mail me
  • Dear Elite
    Few clicks of yours saved hours of mine. thanks alot


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