HO7 lament for the DVD

I bear sad news... my dvd player, died.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh it was so young! BAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
*sobs, crys weeps, falls on ground into a unending fit of crys, almost dies of dehydration, gets weeled into the hospitaal, replenishes fluids comes back whipes a tear and continues typing*

Actaully I could care less, I have a new DVD player just as good as the first, but what I was wondering is if anyone, knows what was wrong with the player in the first place. heres the story:

I started to watch a movie, the title credits come on and then it stops playing. What the [b]@%$?!&$#![/b] anyway it showed on the player [italic] HO7 [/italic] I could only assume that it was an error code of some kind, duh. so I opened it, stared for a while, figured out basicly how it worked. so I played with it, removing screws and pusing gears, untill I figured That I could find no problem. but when I pluged it in again it worked! I must be a genius! I tested it with a realy bad $1.00 wal-mart film (i don't dare say its name) and it played fine, when I treid the next day HO7 again. I tinkered with it some more, and it worked again! but this time for about 7 movies, the it stoped working. When I tried to "fix it" again, it wouldn't even turn on.

What I want to know is, what the hell does HO7 mean anyway? if anyone has any idea What whent wrong Then I will be able to sleep better at night. (So if you want me to die of sleep depervation don't respond to this post) thats about it!
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