Aysnchronous Chat System using Sockets

Hi there

I have to do an asynhronous chat system for a college assignment. I was wondering if I could ask for help.

At the moment I have a server that spawns threads for each connecting clent. I am using an echo server at the moment on the localhost and port number 7.

I need the server to be a proxy server. The server needs to route messges to the appropriate client, the client must log on to the server. A client can refuse a message from another client. I have more to do but just want to concentrate on this at the moment.

Do I use a Vector to hold the information on the clients, as this can grow and shrink as clients log on and off. Do i need to implement the Vector in the server or the server thread? Do I query the vector to see if a client will accept a message, etc.

i'd appreciate any help on this. Deadline is 5th Nov. 05.

Thanks alot

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