Doubt with ADO Control

Hi ,

The scenario is like this ,

We can use the Adodc control to move forward or backward to view the records in the database using the left or right arrows embedded with the control. I have set the property of BOF to 0 - adDoMoveFirst and the property of EOF action to

2 - adDoAddNew . Simply with the BOF setting , I will not let the user move beyond the First Record . As for EOF setting , I will allow the user to insert a new record simply by scolling past the end of the queue .The problem occurs when I try to insert the new record through the Adodc control as the method I have mentioned above. At this time , when I have decided to return back to the prior records using my Adodc control by clicking on the left arrow. I will be prompt with this warning message

" Cannot Insert an empty row - must have at least one column value set " . Now I am force to enter some data in the current recordset . Only then will I be able to return back to the prior records. I have no other way out .

Therefore , may I know would it be possible for me to return back to the prior record. Thanks

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