Up for a challenge? Advanced Programming GCC/Database/Makefile

I am programming a database (100 Records) half of the database needs to be random. The other half can be modified by the user. I also need to be able to sort and search through the records. (Those functions I will develop as soon as I can figure out how to fix my problem).

On a basic level the database works (almost).

The structure of the database is as follows:

struct accountdata{
unsigned int RecordId; unsigned int LastUpdate;
char LName[MAXFNAME]; char FName[MAXLNAME];
double Balance;
int filled;
struct accountdata *next;};

struct accountdata *first, *current, *p_new, *last;

Yes, I am including linked lists.... and a makefile.

I am scanning directly into the structure from a binary file, using the fread function, but cannot seem to get the information out of the file.

first=(struct accountdata *)malloc(sizeof(struct accountdata));
p_new=(struct accountdata *)malloc(sizeof(struct accountdata
fread(current,sizeof(struct accountdata),1,datafile);
current->filled = 0;

If you feel up for a challenge and need to see my full project, please give me a shout.

Thanks in advance for all help rendered.

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