Sending e-mail using dynamic profile

I am writing an application which will need to send e-mail. Since i cannot guarantee that the profile entered will not be tampered with, i've elected to dynamically generate the profile. One solution i saw advises that i should use something like this:
'objSession.Logon _
nomail:=True, _
profileinfo:="YOURSERVER" & vbLf & "YOURMAILBOX

I want to use my yahoo e-mail box and thus I use code like this:
oSession.Logon _
profileinfo:="" & vbLf & ""
Will it not be possible to simply specify as the server. My yahoo mail box is as above. The materials I came across keep saying something to the effect that this method workd with Exchange Server. How do I know which Exchange Server the folks at yahoo use. Thanks 4 your anticipated help.

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