help me.. about ATL COM

Hi All,

Help Me...

Problem is that we have com + ATL + MTS components and we created successfully.
All component are link to each other. e.g. SYSCTRL is depend on MasterCTRL and MasterCTRL is depend on DBConn. This are the components.
Just createion of object in asp page it is failed. Bze
SYSCTRL this calls to MasterCTRL and this call to DBConn this component.
statements is

returnVal = CLSIDFromProgID(OLESTR("DBConn.AtlDBConn"),&clsid);

I had check out the CLSID both are same. In asp and com code.
after that statement is
returnVal = playerQPtr.CreateInstance(clsid);

at that time it does not create the instance.

Any suggestion's.

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