High profile Southern California game development studio is searching for the best and brightest game developers to share there vision of creating a new world of entertainment through the power of technology, imagination and innovation. Creating quality games requires top production values in all aspects of a game, from design, technology and art to professional music, voice acting, and high performance multi-player action. This developer is dedicated to equipping its team with the best options possible, by providing excellent salaries, bonuses, full benefits and relocation assistance if necessary.

Genres: Unannounced First person Shooter
Platform: Next Generation Console

Develop file formats for game engine
Passion for First Person Shooters
Knowledge of 3D Studio MAX SDK, Win32 SDK, MFC
Design tools and plug-ins to maximize efficiency of asset creation.
Implement the Following:
o Windows-based tools for art pipeline and asset management
o Platform-based tools for art pipeline
o Plug-ins for 3rd party content creation applications
Develop solutions for unforeseen design problems
Share knowledge and help solve problems with other team members
Visual C++ (and/or .NET), object oriented and ANSI C
Managed C++/C# experience (.NET Framework)
Awareness of current trends in tools and development

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume in Word format to:

Candace Walker

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