OLEDBclients and search queries

Hi everybody!

I'm from Spain and my name is Carlos.

I've created a non-connected database application using an access database as my souce database and an OLEDBclient as my dataclient. I've been happily working on an ADO.NET environment so far.

However, there's something I'm not totally happy with: the SQL search queries. I've found that by using the typical wildcards (?, %) that an OLEDB "environment" allows, my searches are all but accurate. True: I can find something within the database if I write the WHOLE search string 100% accurate. But that's not the most practical thing to do when you are working with really big databases, isn't it? You fail to write JUST one character and you get no results at all. I really wish to be able to "refine" my searches someway (that is, to be able to get useful results by entering just "hints" of what you are trying to find - maybe one single character or several, or just part of a word or a group of words... I'm sure you get the point).

I don't know exactly if TRUE SQL search queries are able to do this but I know I cannot do it when working with an OLEDBclient.

Anybody knows how could I improve the way my clients make their searchs within my application? I've heard of a FREETEXT way of doing searches. Does anybody know if such thing really exists and, if so, how does it work?

Thanks in advance for your assistance on this matter. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



  • Are you using like in your SQL statements?

    SELECT * FROM [Table]
    WHERE Field1 like [searchstring]

    searchstring = "*Search*"
    serachstring = "S??rch *"

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