WIn Nt and 2000 and Api `s and Xp Difference

Has the windows NT Been replaced by win2000 .
Is Win2000 capable of doing every thing that winNt could
because many of the Api`s dont work on win98 and are meant for win Nt
almost everything works on Nt few days back i went to a vendor to ask
FOr Win Nt and he said It is Not used now a days it is 2000 now in
Fashion Not knowing much about it i resorted to ask you Gentlemen if he was right.Is 2000 Capable of doing everything Nt used to DO.
and can we use all the apis which we could not on win98 because of
lack of support for Unicode in Xp .because i am planning on getting both of these operating systems Xp and Nt.



  • As I understand it, and not extremely well, Windows Someflavor uses two separate APIs. Win32, which is centered around the first GUI windows such as 95, 98 and ME. Those don't have much kernel security. Win32s, where the 's' stands for I beleive secure are the flavor one is supposed to use for Windows NT, 2000 and 2003 Server. I don't know off hand where in the API forest XP and XP Professional fall, though I suspect that they use the same or a close derivative of the NT kernel and its attendant security scheme.
    In any case, the best way to resolve this is too spend some time reading articles and FAQs at I hope that this is correct, but it has been a while since I've used the APIs provided directly to Windows OS. I tend to use other libraries that provide better abstraction.

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