Well i've been here a while, so its a little odd for me to be asking for a beginner's tutorial on anything, however i must.

I'm looking to learn a little (or a lot ... depends) about programming for the X11 windowing system (hoping it's not as inefficient as windows is ... allthough i'm stuck with windows for reasons i won't get in to, i do have a system running x11 i'd rather work with :-D).

So, anyone know how to get started?
PS: i'm willing to learn any language i need to, but i work best with C (not C++, just C).

Thanks! Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
Jakykong (Jack Mudge)


  • Hi!

    I advice you to start programming X11 with the GTK+ toolkit. Why ?

    1) The X11 native API is not easy to learn (just try out to see how xlib works -> http://www.the-labs.com/X11/XLib-Manual/) ; with the xlib , you would have to create yourself your own widgets...

    2) GTK+ is a library simple and widely used

    3) It's *** FREE *** :-;

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