Is it Possible to Call Java Object from ASP ??


I would like to know whether it is possible
to invoke a Java Object (or its methods) from
an ASP script, and if it is possible, then how
exactly can this be done ?

Thank you ahead for any feedback !

Just in case this will make thigs clearer, here is
the reason why I want to invoke a Java Object from
an ASP script:
I have a client and a server which communicate using
Java RMI. I also have a web-page with a form, wich is
served from the *client* machine. When the form is submitted,
the ASP script puts it into a database on the *client*. But
also, once the data is updated in the database, I want the
Java RMI object on *client* to somehow be notified of the
changes to database, so the *client* can then in turn communicate
accordingly with the *server*.
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