i need help with CC++

i need some one to teach me plz


  • : i need some one to teach me plz
    I recommend getting a good book on C/C++,
    and/or online tutorials.

    This site should get you started..

  • : i need some one to teach me plz
    yea right haha

    to get yourself started, google "c tutorial" or "c++ tutorial".

    download bloodshed dev-c++. the reason you want this program is because it is a simple unzip install that compiles in the same window you code in with a simple interface. the only problem with it is that once your executable is done the command prompt immediately quits (you will know what i mean when you get there if you don't already). the simplest fix is to use cin.get() before your return statement, your "program" will just hang there until you enter anything.
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