Problem in scheduling

Hi all
When run the program by double clicking it, it runs fine. But when I schedule it an interesting problem arises.The program is intended to create a text file and manipulates an xml file. It successfully creates the text file but do not manipulate the xml file.I am clue less about this.
i have used follwoing command to schedule this.
AT 10:30 /interactive /every:M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su "c:Report.exe"


  • Can't help you too much in specific terms, but I would recommend downlaoding 'FileMon.exe' form It is a file monitor and you can set a filter to look at only your exe. You will get entries for every file it open/create/modify/save/deletes. You will be able to see if it accesses your XML file at all, and if it has trouble finding or accessing any files it references.

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