IMG embedded in HTML/HTA using DirectX, DirectAnimation, or alternate

Having wanted to embed DirectAnimation 2-d graphics in a web-page, I obtained the (old - IE4 vintage) copy of WMFCONV.EXE (Windows Metafile to Structured Graphics Converter) from, so that I can convert a windows metafile to a DirectAnimation parameter text object.

1. My eerie feeling is that DirectAnimation might not be included in DirectX anymore - can someone confirm this?

2. Is anyone able to suggest any alternatives for embedding an image as a text object (for example, as parameters in an object tag) in an html/hta text file.

My object is that I want to distribute an HTML Application (.hta) as a single file with all of the images in it, so that the application does not have to defer to the web to get the image.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Kind regards,


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