Problem in filter the Dataset value using wildcard like % ?


In our Project we use Dataset to load the Grid with Values.

We have some criteria to filter the values to be shown in the Grid.
For that we used the SELECT command to filter the Same Dataset.

The SELECT Command we are using is as follows

DS.Tables(0).Select("FieldName = '" & input value & "')

Its Working fine in all situations except filter using % e.g. a%a%a.

This SELECT command works fine with % in the following situations

a) filter string as %%%%.
b) filter string as a%%%%.
c) filter string as a%a

Now only situation it fails is
filter string like a%a%, a%a%a, a%a%%, ...

we know very well that this filter strings are valid in the Database
Query Where Conditions.

we like to know that Is any specific reason why it is not working in
Dataset ? or anything wrong in our Query approach.

Let me know if anyone has solution for this situation or suggestions.

Thanks in Advance
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