Mail program

Where can i find documentation on how to use the sendmail program?

thnx in advance


  • Hi!

    OK, I know this ain't a link to a tutorial, but it may help you. The SendMail program is fairly simple to use. You code it something like this:

    open(MAIL,"|$mailprog -t");

    print MAIL "To: $recipient}

    print MAIL "From: $email ($realname)

    print MAIL "Subject: $subject


    print MAIL "Put the message or $fields here.

    print MAIL "It's that simple!!!

    close (MAIL);

    Just make sure $mailprog contains the address of your mail

    program. You normally put something like:

    $mailprog = '/usr/lib/sendmail';

    If you want a pre-written script, there is one available Let me know if this

    works for you.

    J. Worthington


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