Pocket PC programmer available

My specialization is custom Pocket PC software development.

Ive successfully implemented more than 10 Pocket PC projects working along or in a team with other Pocket PC developers. There were solutions for healthcare, van-selling, collection of orders, etc.

Im spending a lot of time improving my code, my base classes. Using OOP, version controlling, good commenting and good coding style makes the code Im providing easier to read and faster to update.

Technical experience:
Primary Platform: Pocket PC;
Operating Systems: Pocket PC, Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP;
Development skills and tools:
- .Net Compact Framework
- C#.Net, VB.Net
- SQL Server CE
- C/C++
- ASP.Net
- ActiveSync Service Provider synchronization
- Custom Controls,
- SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, etc

I will be glad to complete your projects distantly.
You can contact me by e-mail vkm@sibmail.com.



  • This is to clarify a doubt regarding Pockect Pc programming.I am a beginner in Evc++ 4.0 as well as Pocket PC 2003,very recently i have started using it,i am trying with simple programs in Evc++ and trying to run it in emulator(pocket pc 2003).I want to read a value or string from a buffer into an array and print it on the pocket pc but I hav been trying in vain to display it using DrawText.What should i do so as to get the display i.e to display values from an array ,in the emulator.
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