CGI/Perl External Program Question

I am very, very, very new to CGI / Pearl, so I apologize in advance for my vast

ignorance on this subject. My task is to find a way interface a CGI program

with a DOS program sitting on a UNIX server. Here are the specifics:

From a web browser, a user will start up a DOS program sitting on a UNIX

server. The DOS program will send output to the user's web browser that

will be displayed as HTML. The user will then enter some input into the web

browser, which will then be sent back to the DOS program for processing.

Next the DOS program will send output, based on the user's last input, back

to the user's web browser. And so on.

First let me say that I'm not sure how they managed to get this DOS program

to run on a UNIX machine, but they apparently have. I'll have to get more

details on this, let's just assume that it's possible for now.

So in conclusion, is this possible? If so, can someone help me understand

how to do this? Code examples would be greatly appreciated since I don't

really understand much about Pearl yet. Again, I'd be tremendously thankful

if someone could help solve this problem, or perhaps point me to a site where

I might be able to get some help.



  • See if the DOS program has/can use a CGI library.

    If not then the best alternative would be to a "mid-app" like a Perl script to interface with the user via CGI and then have a "pipe" between the Perl script and DOS/Unix app.

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