Installer project help

Hello, I have created a Solution in C#.Net which consists of 3 separate
projects and numerous dependency files which are organized into
directories such as databases, images, usage files, etc. When the
program runs, it searchs for the various files it needs in each of
these directories. I am now working on creating an Installer project
for this Solution so that it may be simply installed on a user's
computer. I have added all of the necessary files to this
Installer/Set-up project and I see that it is possible to specify where
these files are installed onto a new computer but changing the "Folder"
property for each dependency to either "Application Folder", "User's
Desktop", or "User's Programs Menu". I would like to know how I can
specify that a dependency file be installed to a custom location such
as "Application Folder/images/". There must be some simple way to do
this that I am just missing. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
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