Yet an other PL :)

Hi, after a month without any programming ideas, I finaly found on !!!

I made many diferent projects, and I used a lot of PLs: VB, other basics, C/C++ (A LOT of diferent compilers, PHP4, PHP5, nasm, tasm, pascal and few others not worth of listing.

There is one truth: you need to choose the right tool for the job. The problem was with very small programs, a little bit too complex for assembler (yea, I know, you can do everything there, but this is too much work for me), and not enoth optimalized by C.

My answer for that is a language between those two.
I won't be assembler, but the programmer will have much more power over the code generation than in C.
There won't be expression, only basic ones, there will be complex comparings and loops.
This will allow to make alot of optimalization very hard in other languages.

I will make some specs and post i here (probably in few hours).


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