Advise on Developing with FLASH and VB.Net.

Hi all. I am new with FLASH and VB.Net but have a little exp with VB 6.0. I suppose my question is how do I develop an app with flash intergrated into the VB app and allow the user to interact with the Flash movies? I want to develop a 2d animation of some machinery running so do I need to develop a VB front end that calls the Flash animation or can I do this in flash alone. Can this be done in VB.Net alone? Would I have to include a web browser and ShockWave in the app to make it possible to for flash to operate? The user should be able to interact with the animations to a degree. I don't want the animations to pop up in a seperate MediaPlayer..etc window so I assume they would have to run in a web browser. Any advise, book titles, web sites, online tutorials, etc would be helpful. Thanks all. Love this site.

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