ORA-00933 SQL command not properly ended ...

I am trying to write a VB app to access our Oracle data. I have been able to do this up until I tried to use the "DECODE" function. Code as follows:

strSql = "SELECT 'CREATED' AS Action_Code, " & _
"sp.PART_NO AS Part_Number, " & _
"sp.CATALOG_DESC AS Part_Description, " & _
"DECODE(sp.catalog_type,'Inventory part','PUBLIC','PRIVATE') Catalog_View, " & _
"'~' AS Terminator " & _
"FROM ifsapp_inventory_Part AS ip " & _
"LEFT OUTER JOIN ifsapp_Sales_Part AS sp ON sp.contract=ip.contract) AND sp.part_no=ip.part_no " & _
"ORDER BY ip.Part_No"

AddStatus("Opening Oracle Connection ...")
objConn = New OracleConnection(strConn)

AddStatus("Excecuting SQL ...")
dataAdapter = New OracleDataAdapter(strSql, objConn)

Fails with ORA-00933. Any ideas?



  • ok - figured it out. Stupid typo - the is an extraneous ')' in the code.
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