Assembly Language Question Using Marie

I seem to be having a problem with solving a homework problem I have. Basically I have to write a program in Marie that does the same thing as this Psudo-code:

array1[5] = {1, 3, 5, 7, 9}; //store this two array in Maries memory
array2[5] = {2, 4, 6, 8, 10};
for i = 0 to 5
array3[i] = array1[i] * array2[i];
//multiply the corresponding elements in two
//arrays and store the result into the third
} // output every value in array3
Output = 0;
for i = 0 to 5
Output = array3[i] + Output;
//summation of all the values in the third
} //output the summation
(The first array starts at address (50)hex in the memory, the second at (60)hex, and the third at (70)hex. And the program is loaded in Marie staring at address 100(in hex).)

But the problem is that Marie has a much more limited instruction set then what we were taught in class. So I cant seem to get incrementation of the hex value of the array working right, let alone access it. Can anyone help on this?

Thanks in advance
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