how to do?


i want to make the startup page of my software which i hav designed in i mean the page just like when we hav already installed software eg macromedia flash, n when we open flash, a small page is seen meanwhile flash is being loaded. dat may also contain images n graphics. plz aneone knowing how to make in plz reply asap.
thank you!


  • Right click your project's name on Solution explorer.
    Select Add Windows Form. Name the new Form frmIntro.
    Put a Timer control on frmIntro.
    Set Timer Interval to 2000 ( 2 Seconds)
    Doubleclick timer and add the following code:

    Timer1.Enabled = False

    On form load put tis code:

    Timer1.Enabled = True

    Finally on form load of your other form (e.g: Form1)
    put this code:

    Dim frm as new frmIntro

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