Various problems with ADOX

I'm having some problems working with Access 2003 database. The origin is an Access 2 database that is copied in to an Access 2003 database, but the problems are being encountered working with the newly created 2003 database.

The application is supposed to recreate all tables in the database. After that the contents in the original tables are copied in to the freshly created tables. This has been working fine for a while, but then I recently ran in to a database that gives me various error messages, and/or missing contents in a table:

The problems are:

1) Sometimes one specific table, that is supposed to contain one(1) record is empty after the operation. Debug-printing during the copy-operation verifies that contents really are copied correctly. The update is also working fine (err=0)


2) "Run-time error '-2147217887 (800402e21)': Cannot update, Currently locked" encountered on a Update operation.

I am working with a ADODB database. To create tables I use ADOX. I
run Microsoft Jet Engine 4.0 and VB6

The solutions I have tried is for example different levels of transactions, JRO.RefreshCache, checking Database.State, DoEvents etc... All seems to work better if I insert several Messageboxes, but that is not the solution I have in mind ;-)

The code is far to complex to display on this forum. I hope someone of you out there have any idea or any suggestion that can help me out.

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