Direct3D Programming

Ok, I have spent at least 2 weeks already looking for some good help with direct3D programming and still nothing, and as everyone knows Microsoft, they do not provide a very good help system (well, lots of help, nothing you need). Anyways, I have found many tutorials for c++ and c#, but none really for Could someone point me in the right direction, perhaps even a good tutorial (preferably with some code, does not matter though as long it cleary explains how to go about using direct3d). I am very new to 3d programming, but would like to learn it. I am very proficient with the entire visual studio .net, but I just thought it would probably be easier to learn 3d programming in vb. Basically, all i can do so far is create full screen window, with nothing on it. Yes, my abilities in this area are very limited right now. I just hope i am properly initializing direct3d for that window. Anyways, if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks.
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