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I need to display something on the screen (on the top of anything thats there) without affecting its DC. I would also like to display it with blending. GDI is not applicable to my problem because then i would need to redraw everything thats below my picture and it causes some crappy artifacts because i need to draw it very fast and repeatedly. Is there any way to achieve this without using the Gdi, ex. drawing on an independent surface that overlays the screen ? Maybe it is possible by using the DirectX or GDI+? How to do it ? Video players do something similar when the overlay option is turned on, so maybe this will give you a clue. It's kind of sending the graphical data directly to the device, bypassing the windows graphical interface. I'm quite short on time, so i would really appreciate a fast response.

Big thanks in advance.

PS Also forget about drawing it on a stay-on-top form - it also produces this crappy artifacts and the WM_PAINT works really slow :/.

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