Delphi Applications Protection (App-Defender)

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Delphi 5,
Delphi 7.0,
Delphi 2005 - Win32.

A few of App-Defender's features:

- Strong file and text encryption - using one of the best
encryption algorithm (public) available today. For better protection
App-Defender uses AES Rijndael Encryption techniques to keep your application secure.

- Antidebugging & Antitracing Protection
App-Defender contains antidebugging routines which provide a good way
to prevent anyone from spying on your code operation. The use of this
option in your applications will help in protecting them against cracking or code spying without your permission.

- Advanced Digital Authentication using MD5 hashes.
App-Defender Protection uses the MD5 algorithm to create a highly
advanced digital signature to check if any information has been altered.
In essence, MD5 is a way to verify data integrity, and is much more
reliable than checksum verification and many other commonly used

- Machine ID detection: Bios Information.
The same registration code generated for a user will work even after he
reformats his Hard Drive.

- Encrypt & Hide Strings
All strings inside protection scheme are encrypted - protecting them from
being viewed or changed by anyone other than you. App-Defender crypts
the strings in memory at runtime.

- Traps
Traps placed inside protection scheme to stop the application in case of a crack attempt if switched on.

- 2 Encryption Keys
For better protection, App-Defender encrypts registration information
using an internal key and a user Unique Key (both encrypted inside .exe).

- Easy to use.
App-Defender has been designed to provide a highly secure solution
while at the same time being relatively fast to implement. It can be
implemented with the click of a button.

... and much more (not reveiled from security reasons )

App-Defender is now availble for download
App-Defender v1.2 Third Public Release!


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