DataGrids and DataRelations

I have a VB.NET WinForm application that implements a Datagrid. I know how to set DataRelations for simple relationships such as : Dim daCust As New SqlDataAdapter("Select * From Customers Where CustomerID Like 'A%'", moConn)
Dim daOrders As New SqlDataAdapter("Select * From Orders Where CustomerID Like 'A%'", moConn)
Dim ds As New DataSet
daCust.Fill(ds, "Cust")
daOrders.Fill(ds, "Orders")
'Build the relation between Orders and Customers.
ds.Relations.Add("CustOrd", ds.Tables!Cust.Columns!CustomerID, ds.Tables!Orders.Columns!CustomerID)
dgValues.DataSource = ds
dgValues.DataMember = "Cust"

But I have a more complex query I need to set the DataRelations for: SELECT CostCenter.CostCenter AS CostCentername,Product.Name as ProductName ,Vendor.Name as VendorName ,Alert.NotifyDate as AlertNotifyDate ,Alert.Message as AlertMessage ,Product.ProductId as ProductId ,Contract.ContractID AS ContractID FROM CostCenter, Product, Vendor, Alert, Contract WHERE Alert.ActiveIndicator = 1
AND CostCenter.CostCenterID = Contract.CostCenterid
AND Contract.ContractID = Product.ContractID
AND Product.ProductId = Alert.ProductId
AND Product.VendorId = Vendor.VendorId
AND DateDiff(day,Alert.NotifyDate,GetDate()) >= 0
ORDER BY CostCenter.Costcenter,Alert.NotifyDate ASC

I don't know how to even start this. Please help!

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