flash and c++?

im trying to make a small multiplayer game, i would like to use flash(mx2004) for client-software and c++(-builder6) for server

i could send data from flash to the server over the xml-socket
but i cant read messages from the server in the client

and so its looks:

-flash this is the modified ondata-handler it should receive the data from c++ but dont parse it to xml (dont call onxml-function like thee standat)

XMLSocket.prototype.onData = function (src) {
textfield.text="data received";

-c++ this is the onpress of the send button, between two c++-programms it work but here...nothing

void __fastcall Tfrm_main::btn_sendClick(TObject *Sender)

could it be that the c++ansistring isnt compatible with flash?
(flash needs a zerobyte at the end does ansi use this to?)

thanks for all help
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