CGI/Forms, Guestbooks, and JavaScript (help me get these down!)

Okay, I wrote a form in JavaScript/HTML and included the line (in the tags, of course)

FORM METHOD = "POST" ACTION = "MAILTO:" with my email address in there.

Now, it won't work. What's wrong?

Second: How do you make a message board/guestbook like the one that I'm on right now?

Third: I went to because a friend sent me there. They have a really cool JavaScript thing there for a imagemap. Can anyone show me how to do that?



  • i feel stupid i didnt see your post and i asked the same q's (except for the 3rd one) man this stinks.....i would love to be able to go to my site and post on the site without opening frontpage 2000 and typing it itn then publishing it to the web

    MAN if there is anybody out there that can help us PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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