Audigy Sound Card/Problem

My sons PC keeps crashing (every few days) and the on-board sound keeps resetting itself as the default sound other than an Audigy sound card (with breakout box) which is what we want as the default.

I was wondering if I bought a new motherboard and reinstalled Windows that may cure the problem as everyone who has looked at the problem is baffled. BIOS flashed etc; un-install/re-install audigy etc.

The processor is a AMD 2GHz and we have 1G of RAM. The motherboard is about 2 years old.

Is this a valid option?

If it is could we cloned the hard drive (via Norton Ghost); to save re-installing all the other programs. Are they anything regarding the new motherboard that would affect the hard drive/Windows when we powered up; i.e. maybe cut out the need to re-install Windows, avoid backups etc on this 120GByte drive.

Or is it the case to format the hard drive and put everything on the new motherboard and start again from the scratch?

Just thinking it is a hardware/firmware problem.




  • I'd try reinstalling windows before changing any hardware. It's essentially free to try and may fix your problem.

    Don't ghost the drive-you'll only be copying the problem to the new install if it's a software issue.

    Bite the bullet and do a fresh install and see if it still crashes, then you'll know its something hardware that is causing the problem and can take the next step as you learn more.


  • I have re-formated the hard drive and reinstalled Windows and the Audigy drivers, but the problem remains.

    This is why I asked about replacing the Motherboard and using a cloned hard drive. Its hard work reinstalling all the programs again.

    Is there anythink on the motherboard that would affected the cloned hard drive?


    PS I think its a h/w problem with the motherboard
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