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The idea of "Thinking-Drawing-Running" (TDR) comes from the thought
with regard to the software creation process:

Modern computer science technology could let more people, without
special programming technical skill or knowledge, able to create
software solution for their technical idea, design or algorithm
easily; in other words, the software design and creation process
should be more idea/design/algorithm oriented rather than programming
technique oriented.

Modern software application design and creation process should be
more visualized and more independent from programming
technique/programming language.

The software application creation process should be more naturally
and directly reflecting the people's idea, design or algorithm rather
than the demonstration of programming technique, skill or trick.

In the idea of "Thinking-Drawing-Running"(TDR), "Thinking"(T)
indicates the people's technical idea, computing design or algorithm.
"Drawing"(D) means that people can present implement or transform
their technical idea, computing design or algorithm ("Thinking"(T)) by
drawing the technical diagrams. "Running"(R) means that people can
easily analyze validate their diagrams (the design module in the
diagram) by compiling and running the diagram (the design module in
the diagram).

The VxBuilder v1.0 system is the first TDR (Thinking-Drawing-Running)
CASE tool product.

VxBuilder v1.0 system includes two separate programs: VxBuilder.exe
and VxRun.exe.

VxBuilder.exe is the main utility program which provide the interface
and functionality for user to create, edit, run and verify the design.

The user can create the design by drawing the flow-chart diagram and
editing the computing and logical process in the diagram block. User
can verify and check the result of the design by compiling and
running. User also can use VxBuilder v1.0 to simulate and analyze
their computing process design or algorithm.

VxBuilder user interface provides powerful features:

* Add, edit, and delete the diagram block and its attached computing
or logical process.
* Copy and paste the entire design diagram or diagram block; copy and
paste the design diagram drawing to Microsoft Office programs such as
MS Word; and other drawing and painting programs.
* Compile, run the design, or analyze the design step by step, verify
or check the design status or result through various user interfaces.
* Save or open the design to/from the XML based VxBuilder file system.
* Export the design to C++ source code, text base file or Microsoft
Word/Excel file.
* Export the design operating result to XML file, text file, Microsoft
Word/Excel file.
* Powerful printing out functionality.

VxRun is a service program which can run the design saved in the XPL
file (XML based VxBuilder design file), display the result or/and save
the result to destination XML/Text file.

VxBuilder v1.0 can be free-downloaded from www.xvsys.com

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