Not sure if in right place, desperately need help with Dreamweaver!

Hoping someone will be able to help me here, am going mad going over and over the same thing but to no avail...

Basically I am trying to build a site in dreamweaver in Design view i.e. no coding...
I have followed countless tutorials etc on inserting a form into a page and then how to set the properties of the submit button so that the user details entered into the form will be sent to my email address on execution of the submit button...
I am getting the initial message about how sending this will allow users to view my email address bla bla bla and then outlook opens with a message form but without any of the details on it... i thought that they may be magically attached anyway so just clicked send but all that happens is i recieve a blank email in my inbox...

Please can someone help me to link up the information entered into the form to the email so that i can please move onto the next page...

An optimistic thank-you in advance...

Kelly x


  • : Hi,
    : Hoping someone will be able to help me here, am going mad going over and over the same thing but to no avail...

    I know that you probably hate code but all you need to do to get the form to send the input is to add a simple line to the 'action' attribute of the tag:

    (change yourname and yoursite to the your email address)
    You can do this by changing to the code view, finding your tag and changing the attributes. If you want to work with the web sooner or later then you will have to work with some sort of code!

    However, I just want to let you know - this is not one of the most secure ways of submitting a form - a cracker can simply save his own version of the web page, change the email to his and then receive information which could be hidden (this could be used to exploit a system which returns the users password from a username or email address for example)

    A better way is to submit the form to a CGI script or similar and have the CGI script post the contents of the form.

    I hope this helps,

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