Drawing to an openGL window using the mouse

Hi there....I'm a complete newbie to the world of computer graphics, and despite doing a ton of reading on the subject, I'm having a little trouble getting started...so I was hoping somebody out here could help me :(

I have a 2 part question:

1) How do I use MFC to handle mouse messages that will let me draw openGL graphics everytime the mouse is clicked?
for example...whenever the user clicks the screen, a vertex appears.

2) Along the same lines, how do I continue to manipulate that point by selecting it, deleting it, moving it, changing its colour, etc etc?

I just cant seem to get started on the mouse handling..i've read about message maps and mouse hooks in MFC, but i just can't seem to put the two and two together! ANY HELP WILL BE GRRRRRRRREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance :D

- femme
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