Very unusual problem


I work in an environment were 2 different networks are runnings. Both of them are strictly monitored and it is not possible to connect one with each other.

It is an airport environment.

One of the networks, running under OS/2, has all the check-in and boarding systems. The other network (Win XP) is the 'office applications' network.

I need to keep records from the OS/2 environment. But the only possibility I have is to print them on a text printer (OKI dot matrix).

I wonder if anybody has an idea on how to capture o transfer the data 'printed' on to the LPT port from the OS/2 network and store it directly (via Serial, Paralel, USB or whatever method) onto a hard disk from the Win XP network, as .txt file.

If this is somehow possible, the security will not be broken and the records will be stored as electronic files instead of paper listings, with all its advantages.

Any help is welcome!!!!!

Many thanks for reading this

Hans Breuer


  • Please read the answer I posted to you in "Computer hardware" messageboard. As for the security, I don't see any problems as long as:

    1. The only operation you do on OS/2 computer is to write on that disk. This way you will be able to keep the OS/2 network free from VIRUSES.
    2. Nobody makea a "pirate" copy of any informations on that disk. This way wou'll be able to keep your data privacy.

    Good luck.
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