Building 32bit application through PSDK for Win Server 2003 SP1(beta r

I installed PSDK for Win Server 2003 SP1(beta release) on my m/c. If I go

through program->Microsoft PSDK for Win Server 2003 SP1->OpenBuild Environment

Window->Win Server 2003 32 bit build environment.
I do not want to use my VC6 compiler, libraries and includes.
Can I build a 32 bit application using PSDK for Win Server 2003 SP1, if yes

please help me in building a "Hello World" application.
I think PSDK should provide the backward compatibility.

I have seen that in PSDK a library "nafxcwd.lib" is missing for I386, it is there

for IA64 and AMD64.

What I am trying to do is porting a 32bit windows MFC application on 64 bit.
So when I am building 64bit target with this PSDK it works fine, but when I tried

to build 32 bit targets from the same SDK, I am not able to, the first problem i

saw is it could not find NAFXCWD.lib.

Thanks in advance.

Vivek Pandey

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