Counting Checkboxes On A Continuous Subform

I've read through a number of discussions in different forums on this topic, but there's something that I'm not getting to make my project work. So I'm including a link to illustrate my problem. My goal is to count only those checkboxes that appear on the form to get the "total checkboxes" and count only those checkboxes that are checked (selected) on the form to get the "selected checkboxes count". This is because the next part of my project's development involves cycling through all shown selected records to send email, but I'm not there yet. The emphasis is to count what is on the form only, because what shows up on the form and what remains in the table are different.

If someone can tell me of another way, I'm open to suggestions. The queries and filters that I've used with a date range somehow give this difference between selected checkboxes on the form verses on the recordsource table.

Right now my design counts directly from the recordsource, which gives me an incorrect count. See linked sample to examine what I have so far and let me know if what I'm asking can be done. The problem comes when I add a date range and the count doesn't change. I've created a code that I think more closely takes information directly off of the form, but I still need someone's help. The Public Function CheckboxOnForm() give me an error. Download the file from


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