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My work uses webpages on an intranet for various things. My boss needs to update several pages on this from time to time, and it must be done in a quick and easy manner for him. Thus, he refuses to route the updates through me, and wants instant results.

The person responsible for the webpages before me set everything up through Microsoft Office i.e. he linked to a .doc, and explorer opens up Word to read the file. He linked to .xls, and Explored opens up Excel to read the file. This make updates easy because the programs are running through Explorer. This is not a problem since all computers on the intranet are pentium ones and run NT with Office. However, it seriously bogs down the load time of the pages. There also is no web server running. The files are just linked to the drives they are located in.

At one point I fixed this problem by formatting the same info in .html files. Loaded much faster, but the boss (who doesn't know much about computers) couldn't easily update the pages. So... back to square one.

I had an idea to set up a java program to be able to take updates, and incorperate them into the html files automatically. However, I am not very expirienced with the language. I am having great difficulties in figuring out how to do this.

Does anyone have any other ideas how to accomplish my goals, or can anyone tell me how to save files to the disks using java?

Any comments appreciated.
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