Program to Web server communication problems.

I'm using Borland Builder to try and do the following...
Problem 1.
I am trying to communicate with a web server from a normal executable windows program using an NMHTTP object. The get function works fine but I cannot get the post function to work. The other side doesn't reflect the changes in the parameters and the page is rendered in the same way as with the Get function. I update the page(an ASP file) on the server side with the posted parameters and in a browser it works fine. The problem seems to stem from the syntax of the posted data. The help says that the post data should be of the form
var2=data2, etc.
and this is what I do.

Problem 2.
The NMHTTP object does not support secure socket transfer. Is there any other way that I can do the above communication over a secure socket? I have tried to use the TCCPBrowser but I have not been able to figure out how to manipulate the TVariant and IDispatch variables that contain the data.

Would be most grateful for any info or a direction to info on the net.


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