Windows Expose Events Help!

Hello all,

I am new to this subject within the Microsoft windows environment so please bear with me.

What I hope to achieve is based on my knowledge of X-Windows and the expose event mechanism under that windowing environment.

Under Windows:
I can add a hook to obtain expose events and relate them to an application. For example Notepad.

For what appears to be a small change in the display ( A character deletion at the end of a line) many expose rectangles are sent.

In X the end of the event flood is signified by an expose count becoming zero and for each event in the flood the rectangles are unioned with the previous one such that we end up with the sum of all the exposed parts.
This allows the capture of one Region which covers all changes and this can then be used as in one command - to redraw that region rather than many smaller rectangles.

The question that I have is this: Is there a way of finding out if the exposed rectangle is the last in a particular series under the Microsoft Windows (c++ .net) framework other than setting some sort of timeout?

May thanks in advance for any help offered in this subject.

Best wishes

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