Help Needed In C#

i am doing my college project in c# for which i need to make a service for windows..

my prob is that the service is working fine on windows XP but not on windows 2000 .... it says invalid account while installing ...

i have checked compiling the code on windows xp , windows 2000, VS 2002 , VS 2003 but everything in vain...

kindly help me out


  • I understand that you are having a problem getting code that works fine on XP to run on 2000. Thus the problem seems to be one of backward compatibility.

    Question 1: What are the conditions of installation when running on XP? Are you compiling then running the app in XP? Or, are you making a fresh test installation to XP after compiling the app on a separate machine? If you are making a fresh test installation on XP then the problem is indeed one of backward compatibility to Win2K. Otherwise, you have more serious problems with the app itself.

    Question 2: How much of the installation/operation code is hard-coded? Are you looking into the registry for the target machine's configuration prior to setting up the application on the target machine? If not, why are you being lazy? The registry is there for a reason, you know.

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