New IM Worms (Some Advice)

1.) This year has started with three times the number of IM worms than last year. They are spread through hyperlinks in messages purportedly from people YOU KNOW!

2.) If you click a link in IM you may launch a worm that will use your buddy list to infect others and possibly damage your machine.

3.) Many are annoying and weak hacks like W32.Serflog. But one case this past week which I encountered caused a lady to lose everything. I had to have her reformat and reinstall everything. (This may have been a one time hack).

4.) Arrange a prefix to all links with your buddies and precede the link with this prefix of characters. This will disable the link in IM and let you know it is legitimate. You can then copy-paste the link into your browser if you want. IT'S MORE WORK...BUT IT MAY PREVENT INFECTIONS.

5.) Confirm with people that they intentionally sent the link.

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