Problem updating MS SQL table

Hi I'm using some DevExpress components in C#, though I think the problem isn't in the DevExpress components. Using sqlConnection, sqlDataAdapter, dataSet, gridControl (a Datagrid) and controlNavigator (to choose insert record, edit record etc.).

When I make my program I can see all the data in the table appearing in the gridControl. Using the controlNavigator I can add records, delete them etc.

I use Microsoft SQL server 2000 (is there maybe a setting in MS SQL that prevents updating??).

I understand that my program loads a local copy of the database and at the end I have to let the program know that the real table in the server now needs to be updated.

I made a button under which I can test some commands. So I make some changes and than press this button.

I tried sqlDataAdapter1.Update(dataset11) and sqlDataAdapter1.Update(DataSet11,"films") (where films is the name of the table) also I tried dataSet11.acceptchanges().

No matter what I try each time when I quit the program and restart the program, my table is empty so no recors are added and the records I added and than changed are missing(PS only adding a record pressing the button and than quiting and restarting the program doesn't help).

Looking in some books I find an Commit statement, but this is used in conjunction with transactions, which I'm not using. The components like sqlDataAdapter do not have the commit command (or I cannot find it).

What do I need to do to effectivly change/update the real table??

I would like a solution where I can input/change data in the datagrid using the controlNavigator and then by adding somewhere some extra code make the changes permanent.

I hope someone can help

Kind regards,


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