HOT- IMPORTANT: Transparent Windows


Heard of fancy new transparent Windows?

Easy to make,so cool to look at .)

...But I couldn't make them work. Yet.

The problem is libraries. I have windows2000

installed (requirement) and i precisely know

how to build Transparent window. However

VC6.0 doesn't understand definitions for new

fancy window styles and

SetLayeredWindowAttributes() func. - probably because it doesn't have the libs... I can call

the function from User32.dll but the whole thing

is useless because the WS_EX_LAYERED property

is still undefined.

The big question is:

1. How to make VC6.0 understand new win2000 API

functions and properties -

and thus new window styles.

2. Forget the libs and use DLL (it is in there in User32.DLL, i verified). Where to find the

WS_EX_LAYERED property in DLL?


C'mon guys, we have to figure it out... 8)

They are so cool , these alpha blended windows...

You can even make windows shadowed, he he...

Hope, I made you interested, folks!

Good luck...



  • WS_EX_LAYERED is 0x80000L

    LWA_ALPHA (for SetLayeredWindowAttributes) is 0x2

    They are in the April 2000 Platform SDK.

    Please pretty please those of you who are going to layer and alpha.. Keep the keyboard interface.

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