ClearCode - source analysis tool

Hello all,

I would like to inform you that ClearCode 1.30 is released.
ClearCode is lightweight source analysis tool.

What's changed:

1. Checking performance has improved on folder with many files. I've used my own utility to match files masks.
2. Shortcut for browse directory (Alt-B).
3. Small visual corrections on main window.
4. Recursive" parameter can turn recursive folders checking on/off. By default all operations are recursive.
5. "CheckAll" parameter for rule is replaced by parameters CheckAllForCheck, CheckAllForStop, CheckAllSplit. See Rules syntax for details. Old syntax with "CheckAll" is also supported for compatibility.
6. Some interface fixes and improvements were applied.

More info:
Nick Mokhnatov,
** Software-Promoter :: Submit tool and user database in one
** Word2Help :: Publish Word's document into Dreamweaver
** ClearCode :: Source code analyzer
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